Trends come and go, yet these hairstyles will never go out of fashion: 
1. The Flip

The funkiest hairstyle to come from the 60s has endured throughout the years. While Mary Tyler Moore’s feathered flip was very structured, take your cue from Carrie Underwood by adding longer layers to soften the look.

2. The Bob

The bob can translate through time and age. Keep it perfectly placed  or or go for a rockier, edgy feel as worn by Dianna Argon. And don’t worry about the perfect blowout – tousled hair creates a sexy, undone texture. Molly Ringwald wore this short style back in 1986.

3. The Pixie

Mess it up a bit with spiky, asymmetrical pieces on top, à la Halle Berry. The new pixie is more forgiving than the flat, boy-cut versions of the past as epitomised by  Twiggy back in 1967.

4. Ponytail

Keep hair out of your face with the versatile ponytail. Be it elegant, casual, soft or fierce. Ditch Pebbles Flinstone’s high pony from the 1960s and draw hair back in a more relaxed fashion like Nicole Kidman. Add polish to the style by wrapping hair round the elastic.

5. Curly

Keep your curls loose and touchable – not like the crunchy look of the 80s as worn by Glenn Close. Rather, look to Jennifer Lopez‘s stylish spirals. They start lower on the head so you avoid the dreaded pouffe.

6. The Updo

Naomi Campbell shows us that Audrey Hepburn‘s famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s updo is still relevant today by copying the signature chignon.Update the look by sectioning into three buns to follow the curves in her barette and wear your fringe a bit longer.

7. Long & Straight

Not just for the hippies, this simple and sophisticated style is also timeless. Smooth strands sometimes fall flat, but the centre part makes Gwyneth Paltrow’s style more graphic and modern. Alternatively, Maureen Mccormick’s Brady Bunch style from 1971 is also pretty happening. Remember to use a smoothing serum that will keep fly-aways at bay and give your hair extra shine.

8. The Afro

Stars like Solange Knowles show it’s time to live large. ‘Big Afros are strong and sexy,’ says New York stylist Ted Gibsons.While Whitney Houston’s style from 1986 was shorter, the motto for the modern age seems to be ‘go big or go home’. Keep the style natural and refrain from using too many hair products.

9. Waves

Farrah Fawcett’s signature style from the 1970s has become more relaxed. On Harry Josh suggests that waves work best when they are more ‘destroyed’:  ‘Flip your hair upside down, tousle strands by raking your fingers through the style while giving them a spritz of hairspray.’ Rose Byrne demonstrates this perfectly!

10. The Shag

The shag looks best with choppy layers and when worn on the straight side. Jennifer Aniston is famous for wearing this style from her days on Friends in 1995, while Taylor Momsen has been seen playing up the style’s rock and roll vibe.

Michelle Hattingh, CT Intern