A facial is always a good idea. Not only is it a great way to provide your skin with a specialised treatment targeting any problems you might be having, but it also lets take some time out from the chaos of everyday life. But with so many options available, which one do you choose? Here are five that are MC approved.

1. Team Dr Joseph Facial

Great for… People who like their pamper sessions to be as natural as they are effective

If you want to feel as though you have drifted off to sleep in a rain forest (sans its dangerous inhabitants) then you need to book yourself in for a Team Dr Joseph Facial. Why? This treatment, which can be done at various locations countrywide and lasts for a blissful 90 minutes, and is as much about invoking the senses and sending you to a place of zen as it is about nourishing your skin. Their products harness the power of nature and combine it with modern technology, making you look as good as you feel. Sheer bliss!

2. Africology Oxygen Facial

Great for… People who need a bit of a ‘breather’ (see what we did there?)

This goes without saying, but oxygen is important. And not just because we need to inhale it in order to survive, but it is also crucial to help your skin live its best life. This is why we recommend the Africology Oxygen Facial treatment, which is on offer at various Sun International Hotels nationwide. During the procedure actual liquid oxygen is sprayed on to the skin and the combination of internal and external oxygen helps to get your blood flowing. The result?  Skin that is brighter and plumper and looks considerably younger.

3. Vampire Facial

Great for… People who love celebrity culture (and aren’t afraid of needles!)

Okay, so this one might not be quite as relaxing BUT it does offer some impressive benefits. And let’s be honest: If they are good enough for the Kardashians, they are good enough for us! This (sort-of traumatic) experience involves having some blood drawn from your arm, which is then spun in a centrifuge so that the plasma is separated and can be injected into the skin’s surface using a technique called micro-needling. This can be done at various facilities across the country, including with Dr. Nerina Wilkinson in Cape Town, and is said to improve skin cell turnover.


4. La Prairie Caviar Lift Facial

Great for… People who have a lot of disposable income (skincare is an investment, after all)

When it comes to top-of-the-line skincare, it doesn’t get much bougier than La Prairie. Naturally this means that a facial that uses their products on your skin is going to be très luxurious. The Caviar Lift Facial, which you can get at the Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg, is as high-end as the food that it’s named after. The skincare that is applied is infused with actual caviar, which is packed full of nutrients to offer intense hydration while simultaneously improving the tone and texture of your skin. You’ll emerge looking considerably more expensive.

5. Dr Schrammek Beauty2Go Green Peel

Great for… people who like their green juice on their face and want smooth, even skin

By now we all know that green juice is good for you. And, apparently, so are green facials. The Dr Schrammek Green Peel, which can be done at Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic in Durban, is a must-have for any facial enthusiast. It uses a mixture of herbs and algae that work together to naturally to help the skin resurface, and tackles issues ranging from ageing to pigmentation and even blemishes. It can be adapted according to your skin type and contains so harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin. Mother Nature has got your back. And your skin.


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