Forget about going under the knife or under the needle, make-up is a fuss-free, less expensive way of looking youthful. With a few simple and easy tips, you can completely transform your face and take years off your appearance. The MC beauty team gives you 5 easy tips and tricks to look younger:

1. Foundation:

Foundation plays a vital role in any make-up routine but if applied incorrectly, it can add years to your face. Apply your foundation using a sponge and gently tap the foundation into your skin, try not to go lighter or darker than your actual skin. If your neck and body is tanned, use a bronzer to bring the same colour to your face. The main goal when applying foundation is to make everything even by blending.

Clarins Extra Firming Foundation SPF 15 - R415.00

Clarins Extra Firming Foundation SPF 15 – R415

Note: If the colour of your foundation is too light it will make the skin look flat and lifeless. If the foundation is too dark, this hides your facial features and drags your features down, adding dullness and heaviness – this can make you look years older.

2. Lipstick: 

When you age you start to lose definition in your lips so in order to appear more youthful you want to wear lipstick that creates fullness. Opt for a mauve or pink toned lipstick and add a layer of gloss, the shiny texture of the gloss will add plumpness.


Dr Hauschka Lipstick in ‘transparent pink’ – R386

Note: Wearing dark coloured lipsticks will make the lips appear smaller, less plump and less highlighted so try to avoid a dark lip but if a plum or wine shade lipstick is your go-to make sure you avoid a heavy texture or matte finish. Go for a lipstick that has a sheer and hydrating formula.

3. Eyeliner:

Often women who are older like to play it very safe when it comes to their daily make-up look and often they will only line the bottom of their eyes with eyeliner, because it is easy and fuss-free but this can make you look older. If you only line the bottom of your eyes it will drag your features down and make your eyes appear smaller.

So the solution is to apply a layer of liner on the top lids as well, this will open up the eyes and brighten up the face. However, do not make the top liner too thick. Try to get the product as close to the lash line as possible so the liner appears to be an extension of your eyelashes.

Yves Rocher Long Lasting Felt Tip Eyeliner - R115.00

Yves Rocher Long Lasting Felt Tip Eyeliner – R115

4. Blush:

Often women make the mistake of picking up the wrong shade of blush – either they go for a brow-toned blush because they think it will act as a contour as well or they choose a colour that is too light and this will wash you out and make you look older.

Blush is there to add youth and vibrancy to the face, so when choosing a blush that will perfectly suit you, a little trick is to pinch your cheeks as the shade your skin naturally turns (when you blush) is the shade for you.

Smashbox Blush Rush in 'heartbreak' - R280.00

Smashbox Blush Rush in ‘heartbreak’ – R280

Note: When applying blush start at the height of the apple of your cheek and blend it up and back, you want to do this because placing your blush higher will define and lift your features.

5. Brows:

As we get older our eyebrow hairs become thinner (and all those years of waxing and plucking don’t help either) so make sure to fill in your brows with either a pencil or brow powder. A fuller brow will lift the face, define your features and give you a more overall youthful appearance.

L'Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist Pencil - R139.00

L’Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist Pencil – R139

Note: Look for a shade that is similar to your hair colour: if you are blonde, go for a shade that is the same as your roots. If you are brunette or a redhead, go for a mahogany or sable shade and if you are silver or grey opt for a soft grey shade to complement your hair.