We know that sex is good for us. It feels amazing, but there are also some crazy cool things that happen in our bodies before, during and afterwards. The physical health benefits of a romping sesh include lowered blood pressure, a stronger immune system and instant pain relief. Psychologically, it decreases stress levels and improves sleep. This is over and above mind-blowing orgasms.


And as if those reasons aren’t enough, sex has also been shown to make you look better. Essentially, it can make you even sexier. Here’s how.

1. A younger-looking complexion

Stress is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles. That, and sun exposure. This is because stress releases a hormone called cortisol which has been linked to skin-ageing. Because having sex is such a good form of stress release, it prevents a build-up of cortisol in the body. When we orgasm we also release additional oestrogen, which can boost your collagen levels, collagen being the protein that keeps skin plump, elastic and youthful.

2. Strong as nails

Brittle nails and dull hair can be caused by a lack of important nutrients in the body. Even if you are eating your grains and greens, your body might not be absorbing them properly. Research has shown, however, that sex can improve not just how we absorb vitamins and minerals, but also how we metabolise them. The result? Stronger, shinier and more healthy skin and nails.

3. The perfect pout

Okay, so this beauty benefit might be more instantaneous and less long-lasting, but it’s a goodie all the same. Because your heart rate increases during sex, it gets your blood flowing. One of the weird side-effects of this is that it can make your lips appear significantly fuller and pinker. Who needs painful lip injections when you can just have a quickie before heading out? Add in the post-coital glow and you can ditch the make-up altogether!


4. Maximising the moisture

Lotions and potions can really only go so far when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated – and hydrated skin is one of the ways to ward off the visible signs of ageing. Drinking water is probably the best way to do this, but do you know what’s even better? Improving your circulation so that oxygen, hydration and nutrients travel around you body more efficiently. Having sex is a pretty fun way to make sure that happens.

5. Luscious locks

When it comes right down to it, a lot of what makes sex such a healthy *ahem* past-time is that it gets your blood pumping and circulating. And it’s this very bodily occurrence that makes it good for your hair as well. Because each of our hair follicles has a blood vessel attached to it, it makes sense that the more your blood flows, the longer, stronger and healthier your hair will be. As if you needed another excuse.

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