It’s Friday the 13th – a day fraught with superstitions, and the beauty world is not exempt from myths. Here are six that are believed to bring you either good, or bad, luck. Proceed with caution. Or not.

1. If you break a mirror, you’ll suffer seven years of bad luck

Probably one of the most common superstitions out there, smashing a mirror is meant to ruin your life for the upcoming years. This myth no doubt came about when the looking glass first came into being and they were believed to hold special powers, which would disappear if broken. The ancient Romans believed that it took seven years for life to be renewed, and so that become the magic number.

2. If you lose a lash, blow it off your finger and make a wish

We all want a full set of sexy lashes, so having one fall out can be pretty devastating. Fortunately some good can come of this as long as you are able to locate it and then blow it off your finger while simultaneously making a wish. According to legend, if you blow and the lash remains stuck, brace yourself because that wish isn’t going to be fulfilled. Sorry. But that’s nothing that applying a bit of primer to the finger in question beforehand can’t fix.

3. Throwing your hair away after cutting it can bring you bad luck for life

Talk about drastic – you’d be better off breaking a mirror! In India, hair that has been cut off is not simply discarded in the bin – it gets burnt. The reason for this is that throwing it away means that someone could steal it and use it to put a curse on you.

4. Pulling out a grey hair means three more will grow in its place

This might strike fear into the hearts of 30-somethings, but we can safely say that science has managed to prove that this is not true. But here’s the bad, or good, part depending on whether you are embracing the silver look or not: the follicle that produced the grey hair is still there, and will just produce another one. And if you continue to pluck it, you could damage the follicle to the point where you don’t grow hair from it any more. Grey hair or no hair? You decide.


5. If you drop your brush while doing your hair, you’re in for some disappointment

If this one were true, some of us would be in a perpetual state of disappointment. Because juggling styling tools is no easy feat. If you’re not in a space to deal with any disappointing news just at the moment, you may want to avoid your brush, just to stay on the safe side.

6. A beauty spot or mole near the mouth is indicative of an unfaithful person

In South Korea there is a superstition that the size and location of moles can reveal things about you, covering everything from your love life to your vocation and, apparently, even your character flaws.

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