Have you ever wondered where the idea of lipstick first came from? Or what women in the past did in order to achieve dark and defined lashes? Here are a few beauty facts about some of our favourite products.


Eyeliner goes as far back as ancient Egypt and was not only used by women.  We may rely on eyeliner to simply define our eyes but Egyptian men and women applied a liner made from a mineral blend, believing that it provided sun protection, was antibacterial and could even ward off evil spirits.

Porcelain skin

To achieve the pale skin that was coveted during the Renaissance (from about the 15th to 17th centuries), women went to extraordinarily dangerous lengths. A concoction of carbonate hydroxide and lead oxide was applied to the face ­– at the risk of eventual muscle paralysis and even death!


The mascara tubes and wands we have today would look almost magical to women from the Victorian age. Back then, mascara had to be made by mixing ash with elderberry juice, which was then used to coat the lashes.


Believe it or not, the lipstick we use today is a far less luxurious version of the original. Long-ago, women are believed to have been the first to make and use lipstick, crushing semiprecious gemstones to decorate their lips.


Designer and style icon Coco Chanel unintentionally made sun tanning popular. In 1923 she was sunburned during a cruise to Cannes, and the photographs of her set a new beauty standard and started the tanning trend!

Chisanga Mukuka, CT intern