When it comes to inclusivity, the make-up industry doesn’t always get it right. More and more brands are becoming aware of this and are doing what they can to close the gap. Enter Jecca, the brand-spanking-new brand making inclusivity its main objective.

The Brand

Jecca was founded by UK-based make-up artist Jessica Blackler this year after realising that make-up needs in the transgender community are sometimes different from those of the cisgender world. While this doesn’t mean that their products are for trans people only, it does mean that the formulas are designed to address their beauty issues, for example concealing beard stubble. A portion of the proceeds of Jecca’s sales goes to charities that support members of the LGBTQ community.

The Product

At the moment, Jecca has only one product, with the hope of expanding the range at a later stage. This product is their ‘Correct and Conceal’ palette, and is different from others on the market. The formula is vegan-friendly, thick and comes with a peach-pink shade that is designed to correct the blue undertones caused by stubble.

Apart from expanding its colour range, the company also wants to create products for contouring. This is so people can manipulate the shape of their face using dark shadows and highlights so that they feel less self-conscious.

The Focus

Blackler says that many of her clients didn’t grow up with make-up being part of their lives and aren’t sure how to use it. She also says that many trans people have felt judged when asking for advice and products at conventional cosmetics counters. She, along with her Jecca team, aim to change this, so that people from all spheres of life can buy and wear make-up without shame and stigma. We take our hats off to them!

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