Mathahle Stofile, former beauty editor and now founder of The Matte Project took the challenge of reviewing different treatments at various spas and being your ears and eyes on which ones to consider booking for your next pamper day. The first one tested is the Beaute Pacifique Anti-Age Treatment and this is what Mathahle has to say on the experience:

There are many terms used loosely in the beauty industry that I am not a big fan of because they can be confusing at best and untrue at worst. “Anti-ageing” is one of them. It is, of course, an accepted term that many take to mean: “avoid wrinkles!” Here’s the thing: our skin starts ageing the day we are born. There’s no avoiding the process but there are sure ways to slow it down. We aren’t all concerned with wrinkles when it comes to ageing skin. I am a 36 year old black woman living in Joburg, South Africa and I can tell you that wrinkles are the least of my concerns when it comes to my skin.

I am fully aware of how my skin ages – I am informed in this regard because of my profession as a beauty editor. Unfortunately, the whole “black don’t crack thing” has many Black women believing that our skin isn’t ageing. Here are some of the most common Black skin concerns that can easily be caused by ageing: enlarged pores, uneven skin, skin not feeling so plump anymore (loss of volume). Our wrinkles pop up when we hit our fifties but be careful…they seem to appear overnight.

So given that my skin is feeling all three mentioned ageing symptoms, I decided to pay a visit to a facialist for a little “age-management pamper session” for my face. Best. Decision. Ever.

Skin Concerns:

We’re fast getting into winter and my skin is not letting me forget it. I was feeling very dry around the eye area and my complexion seemed dull. I’m generally happy with the texture of my skin (I’m obsessed with exfoliating) but the tone could definitely be more even. I also have some dark marks from the odd breakout…


I visited Placecol Aesthetic Clinic in Clearwater Mall (the only other one in Johannesburg is in Woodlands). The therapist assessed my skin and agreed that my texture was fine but I could do with some rehydration, plumping and brightening the complexion. The facial is called Beaute Pacifique Anti-Ageing Treatment (Beaute Pacifique is a leading skincare line for ageing skin, formulated and made in Denmark). The facial lasted an hour and it included a very well needed hand, neck and shoulder massage. I left with not just plumped up, bright skin but also felt super light and completely relaxed. Luckily, I was going straight home afterwards.




4 days later my skin was at its best. I could visibly see the positive results from the facial – my skin still felt plump but also tighter (the pores were definitely less visible). My complexion glowed and I’d had zero breakouts. I was still using the same moisturiser as before but my skin definitely felt more hydrated than before the facial.