Marie Claire‘s Junior Beauty Editor Nokubonga Thusi Answers Your Pressing Beauty Questions. 

Q: Knox; how do I make my eyes appear bigger?

This is a million dollar question for any woman with naturally small eyes, those trying to look fresher in the morning, and those who want to sport the season’s doe-eyed trend. Bigger eyes have been associated with femininity – remember your favourite Disney princess? Those saucer bright eyes have a precious, innocent appeal that you can fake if you’re not quite there yet.

These are my easy tricks for making your eyes look bigger at a whim:

1.A highlighter stick is your best friend

Lighter colours reflect light so adding a touch of highlighter to the edges of the eye will open them up and make them appear bigger. A classic tip taken from the mod-era in the 60s is to rim the waterline with a white kohl pencil.  The white extends the appearance of the natural whites of your eye. The more pencil you apply to the waterline, the bigger your eyes look.

2. Embrace the lash trend

Twiggy was onto something when she perfected the clumpy lash look as a more intensified lash line can help open up those peekers. Use a lash primer to lengthen and coat the lashes before applying your mascara for a more natural look. The primer also makes each lash look thicker and clumpier when mascara is applied, giving you more volume and drawing attention to your eyes. A super easy way to also create a ‘clump’ look is to dust the lashes with translucent powder in between each coat to slowly build up the lash line.

3. Add individual lashes

A similar effect to point 2, adding individual lashes help to control the elongations in your lash line and opening up of the eye. Apply individual lashes to the centre of the upper and lower lash line to create a wide, doe-eye look or add touches to the outer corners of the eyes to give a more dreamy, wide-almond shape.

4. Try eyelid contouring

Just as you can chisel away and highlight features on your face, playing around with definitions on the eyelid can help sculpt a larger-looking eye. Apply a lighter, neutral shade one tone lighter than your eyelid colour over the whole eyelid. Using a darker shade, like taupe, apply that to the crease of the eye and blend out any hard edges. Go in with a second light shade, you can use one with shimmer and dab onto the centre of the lid as well as the inner corner and waterline.

5. Conceal, conceal and conceal again

Use concealer to brighten up your eye from the get-go. Having dark circles or discolourations around the eye can make them look smaller and will draw attention for the wrong reasons. Apply a creamy concealer to the under eye area to cover up and even out dark circles or bags. A handy tip is using a concealer one shade lighter than your normal match, on the inner area under the eye. This is usually where circles are the darkest so the lighter concealer draws light in and makes them pop.

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