Q: Is foundation SPF enough to protect my skin? Or do I need to apply sunscreen as well?

A: The SPF in your makeup will provide some coverage, but it’s not enough to get the full benefits of a normal sunscreen. So it’s still important to use a broad spectrum sunscreen to get additional protection from the sun’s harsh rays.

Here’s how to include sunscreen into your beauty regime:

1. Apply high SPF Sunscreen liberally

A broad spectrum sunscreen of at least factor 30 should be applied under your makeup. Apply a thin, even coat,on your face, neck, and ears.  After letting the sunscreen soak into the skin, dab the excess with tissue. If your sunscreen makes your skin appear oily, try applying a mattifying primer before your foundation or If you’re concerned about an unflattering white pall, avoid products with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. One common mistake is that we tend to under apply our sunscreen and may miss patches, so applying foundation with SPF over the top provides useful coverage.

2. Get the best of both

Now that you’ve applied a generous amount of sunscreen, apply foundation with at least an SPF of 15. We’ve established that sunscreen is the most important element to shield skin from the UV rays but foundation or tinted moisturiser with an SPF adds double protection.

3. Don’t forget to touchup

You should try to reapply your sunscreen once a day, whether you’re in doors. This might sound tricky considering your face would be layered with foundation, but try dusting a translucent powder with a sun protection factor.