The star of The Fixer speaks to Nokubonga Thusi about her beauty secrets.

What does style mean to you?  ’My style is pretty eclectic; I’m always trying new things. I don’t have a singular approach, I try to innovate and take risks. I think what people mean when they say they like my style, is that they like that I wear things I feel good about. I like to find a balance between a classic form and shape and bringing personality to the look. My style is always evolving; when I’m on a show or in a movie, I want to dress very differently from the character I’m playing.’

Your skin is always glowing. What’s your skincare routine? ’I always wash my face. I’m pretty religious about not going to sleep with make-up on, even when I am super tired. I also try to drink a lot of water and I always use a moisturiser with sunblock.’

What are your favourite beauty products? ‘Make-up remover wipes are everything. I use wipes to take off my make-up before I cleanse because I spend so much time in make-up under hot lights when shooting; sometimes even 16-hour days. I also love Neutrogena’s Norwegian hand cream and the Visibly Even moisturiser, with its dual purpose of evening out your skin tone and protecting it with SPF. And then I love good mascara.’



What’s the best tip you’ve picked up from working with make-up artists? ‘I love to share ideas and explore new products with the make-up artists I work with. Possibly the biggest thing I’ve learned is to pick something to focus on, be it your eyes or lips. Don’t go overboard.’

How did Neutrogena’s See What’s Possible campaign resonate with you? ‘I have so much respect for how the brand combines smarts and beauty. The core belief of the company is that you should feel as good with make-up on as you do without it. The See What’s Possible campaign is about inspiring women of all ages to go beyond their expectations of what’s possible. It’s about carving out a life that’s right for you; a truly authentic life that matches your goals and dreams. I think you have to ask yourself what your dreams are, instead of following the dreams others have for you. It’s important to carve out your own path.’

What’s the one thing every woman should do? ‘Meditate.’

Kerry Washington is one of the brand ambassadors and creative consultants for Neutrogena

Images via Rex Features.