Of the most exciting things to look forward to each new year are all the new beauty trends that we will see come to life and if 2017 is anything to go by, beauty boffins are in for a real treat. Some trends are making a comeback, while others are making their debut; we look at some of 2017’s beauty trend predictions.


Modern romance: 


Tea-stained eyes and lips, as well as all types of braids are on the forecast for 2017. The romantic look has been spotted on the runway, from skinny braids to woven chignons there is a braid and shades of taupe for everyone.

Smudged eyes: 


The smoky eye is so 2016! Next season the smudged eye will be getting all the attention; designers such as Balmain, Altuzarra, and Tom Pecheux embraced the trend during their showcases. In 2017 no time should be wasted on blending; it’s all about minimal effort but maximum effect when it comes to the eyes. Apply eye gloss over black liner and use your fingertip to achieve maximum smudge.

Deep side parts:


Big, textured hair is a thing of the past. Next season will opt for a slick, sleek and smoothed-to-the-scalp look instead – a popular trend that was seen on the runways for the 2017 season. We bid farewell to flyaways and hair sticking to our gloss (yay!).


Lipstick for blush: 


We suspect lipstick will no longer be applied just to the lips. In an effort to save some time and nail the flushed look, use lipstick as a blush as well. Gone are the days of bronzer and contouring, and we welcome a more rosy complexion in 2017, as seen at the Erdem and JW Anderson shows.

All images by IMAXTREE