Just in case you haven’t noticed, blush is back. Sure, it never really left, not altogether anyway, but it has definitely taken a backseat since the 80s, with more attention being given to highlighter, lip colour and brows. This season, and for the rest of this year, bright cheeks are going to be taking centre stage, and there is a good reason behind this unexpected beauty trend revival.


Fresh faced

One of the biggest trends outside the world of beauty is wellness and leading a healthy lifestyle. Hashtags such as #strongisthenewskinny, among others, have been doing the rounds for a while now, as women say ‘sayonara’ to the heroin-chic look and embrace their curves, muscle definition and overall wellbeing. This has made its way into make-up trends as well, with more and more people sporting a more glowing look. And what better way to achieve this than with a set of rosy cheeks?

While high fashion may take this to the extreme with blush that sometimes extends from the cheek to way up under the brow bone, this isn’t necessary – or even advisable – for creating the perfect flushed face. A minimal amount applied to the apple of the cheeks and blended, using a colour that is quite natural, is the best way to wear your health on the outside on a daily basis.


Whether or not this trend will last as long as our new-found obsession with being healthy we can’t say, but we are stocking up on our favourite blushes just in case.

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