One of the most popular skincare elixirs is eye cream. The skin in this area is delicate and very expressive, so it often shows the signs of ageing first and requires extra care in order to keep crow’s feet and fine lines at bay. For as long as there has been eye cream on the market, there have been frugal people looking for cheaper alternatives, and one of the most common is haemorrhoid cream. While the price tag might make putting bum cream on your face tempting, does it actually work?

Celebs, including ‘Miss Congeniality’ herself, Sandra Bullock, swear by the popular brand Preparation H. They claim that it reduces puffiness under the eyes and, because of the formula being so thick, it works like a dream at smoothing out fine lines. Since this cream is used for reducing inflamed haemorrhoids, it sort of makes sense. The main ingredient in this cream is phenylephrine which constricts blood vessels. Hydrocortisone is also in the mix and is a known anti-inflammatory. This means that, in the short term, this type of topical ointment can make the skin around your eyes look less saggy and puffy. However, if used too frequently, it can actually damage the fragile skin in this area and have a rebound effect, leading to an increase in swelling and enlarged blood vessels. Not a good look! Even more scary: because hydrocortisone is a steroid, it can mess with your adrenal gland, which helps us to process and deal with stress. You may have 99 problems but don’t let your malfunctioning glands be one.

Our advice: as tempting as it may be to use this cost-effective cream on your face, it’s best to use tried-and-tested methods. By that we mean as getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and investing in a good-quality under-eye cream and facial serum. This should keep your eyes looking youthful, and stick to using haemmorhoid cream where it was designed to be applied – up the butt.

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