The quest for the fountain of youth is something that many women spend a great deal of money and energy on. While some believe that it can be found in a bottle of expensive face cream, a new wave of people think that it can be found in supplements. Ingestible collagen supplements, that is.

Inside or on top?

Anyone who loves skincare (or who is panicking about the ageing process) is familiar with collagen. This is the structural protein that can be found in our skin. After we turn 20, we start producing one percent less of it per year. This is why we eventually start sagging and accumulating wrinkles. The fact that we are also exposed to so many environmental factors doesn’t help things either.

The problem here is that the collagen molecule itself is actually too large to penetrate the skin via creams. In fact, even fillers which were previously done using collagen have now been replaced with hyaluronic acid fillers. So how are people getting their collagen? By ingesting it.

Over the last few years, the idea of drinking collagen for improved skin has become more popular. This is no doubt thanks to the stream of celebs and influencers who claim to do this, including the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston. These supplements are either added to your breakfast beverage or can be consumed as is and are said to be able to make your skin appear more plump and youthful in a matter of days.

But do they work?

There are people posting all over social media claiming that ingestible collagen has changed their faces. But these reviews can’t necessarily be trusted. Not only are they generally sponsored posts, but dermatologists claim that there is no evidence to suggest that this works. This is because our bodies break down the collagen¬† in our bodies before they can get to our skin and work their magic. Collagen doesn’t know that it needs to go to your face, so it could just be making your joints less creaky. Which is also nice, but definitely not the objective.

In conclusion, more studies need to be taken to validate this claim. If anyone needs volunteers for this, we would be more than willing to participate (if amazing skin is the end result).

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