In our September issue we begin spring by embracing the modern movement of natural, effortless beauty – as showcased by our pick of fashion’s new faces. Here we chat to model Tricia about her best beauty buys and the tips she’s picked up in the modelling game.

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Ulrich Knoblauch/ Rudi Geyser

1) What beauty product can’t you live without?

Vaseline body lotion. It’s thick but not greasy and lasts all day.

2) What is your go-to lipstick colour?

3) What is your favourite beauty treatment?
I have made it a habit to drink lots of water.

4) How do you pamper your skin?
I exfoliate my skin at least three times a week. It helps to remove the impurities.

5) What is your signature scent?
Dolce & Gabbana is my personal touch and signature scent.

6) How do you keep your hair gorgeous and healthy?
I go for a trim every 2 months because my hair is prone to breakage. I also apply coconut oil to my scalp then cover and leave throughout the night. I use it frequently and it makes my hair manageable, and leaves it feeling healthy and soft.

7) What is the best beauty tip you have received on a shoot?
How to make eyes pop without a lot of effort. Just use a flesh-coloured liner on the outer rim of the lower lash line to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.