The right pair of glasses not only improves your vision, it can also be a chic accessory. But as much as adding the right pair can frame your face, it can interfere with your make-up game, too.

The dilemma? Overdo it and you could suffer a terrible case of raccoon eyes. Play it too safe and your features will disappear. Here’s how to pull it off the right way:

1. Eyeliner. Lots of it. 

This is the most important tip when you’re wearing glasses. The thickness of your eyeliner should be determined by the thickness of your frames. The thicker the frame, the thicker the liner on your upper lash line, and vice versa. This defines your eyes to help them stand out. Don’t be afraid to play around with eyeliner colours that complement the colour of your frames.

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2. Your new best friend? Mascara.

Apply 2-3 coats of black mascara to make your lashes really stand out and to frame your eyes, giving them a sultry look. Stick to a smudgeproof or waterproof mascara to avoid smearing.

3. Get a power brow

We all know that eyebrows frame the face but they become even more important when you wear glasses, as specs draw direct attention to your brows. Make sure you shape them correctly (click here for a tutorial) and are using the correct colour eyebrow pencil to create a defined but not blocky  brow.


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4. Neutral Is natural

Since wearing glasses brings a lot of attention to your eyes, keep the rest of your eye make-up simple. Go with neutral shades but always contour your crease with a darker shade in the same neutral to create definition.

5. Pay attention to your prescription

If your prescription makes your eyes look smaller, line your eyes all the way around with a liner a shade or two darker than your eye colour. Finish with 2-3 coats black mascara on the top lashes. If your prescription makes your eyes look bigger, apply make-up lightly and blend it well to avoid mistakes being magnified.

6. Go bold

Just not when it comes to eyeshadow. Save bold colours for your lips.

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