We all know that being healthy on the inside is reflected on the outside. Despite this, many of us (myself included) devote a lot of time to our cleansing rituals while also shoving chips into our mouths on a regular basis. More and more, I am coming to realise that what’s going on in our guts and digestive tracts can affect they way we look. This growing awareness is leading people to colonic irrigation, in the hope that it will improve their skin.

Sh*tty situation

Colonic irrigation is a therapeutic treatment that involves a specialist performing probably one of the least pleasant jobs in the world: squirting warm water up into your colon via a hose. After a few minutes of gushing water, you then clench your butt cheeks and head for the on-site toilet to allow the build-up of waste and toxins to escape. It isn’t pleasant, but you do feel considerably lighter on your feet afterwards. Colonic clients and practitioners swear by the skin benefits of this procedure, claiming that fewer toxins in the body lead to a better complexion.



But does it work?

Medical professionals have weighed in on the subject of colonics, and their response has been a resounding ‘no’. They explain that the body doesn’t rid itself of toxins by expressing them through the skin. While some rashes linked to gut irritation can be alleviated by having a colonic, it is unlikely that it will improve skin conditions such as acne.

While colonic irrigation may not be a direct path to good skin, improving your diet could be. This means you should be eating unprocessed, unrefined foods, fresh veggies and plenty of fibre. This, combined with moderate exercise and eliminating stress, will probably contribute more to improving the condition of your skin than a pipe up the backside will.

Now you know!

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