Most exercise makes use of muscles in our arms, legs and midsections, but did you know that there are face workouts too?


FaceGym is offered in certain spa-like establishments, and they offer workouts for your face that they claim are the key to gorgeous, plump, glowing skin. And while this might sound weird, it does make sense. We have a lot of muscles in our face, and while making expressions regularly means that they see a fair amount of action, exercising them more intensely might just make our skin firmer and healthier. We’re intrigued!

The treatments are offered in a spa-like setting, where trained technicians use vigorous movements to move the muscles in the face. They are designed to strengthen them and can also boost collagen production, making clients look plumper, younger and more radiant.

While this technique may not have taken off in SA yet, don’t worry, because there are some FaceGym exercises that you can perform on yourself at home. A little bit of feeling silly could result in a lot of looking fabulous. And we’ll try anything once.

The Mountain Climber

Target area: Eyes

Hold the corner of your eyes near your temples. This will isolate the muscle. Slowly blink your eyes and you should feel it fluttering. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

The Cheek Pump

Target area: Cheeks / ‘smile’ muscles

Curl the sides of your mouth up into a smile. Do this in a staggered motion so that it takes three moves to form the smile, and then release in three moves as well. Repeat this 10 times.

Neck Toning

Target area: The neck / ‘turkey neck’ muscles

Bring the corners of your mouth down until you feel the ‘turkey neck’ muscle pop out. Then take a selfie and send it to your significant other. Jokes! Hold this move for 10 seconds and then release. Do this move up to 10 times, but no more as these muscles can easily become tired.

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