When it comes to hair removal; waxing, removal creams, shaving and even laser comes to mind but there’s a new method that’s breaking through the beauty industry and it’s an easy, cost effective, and an at-home way of removing unwanted hair: Sugaring


Sugaring is an ancient hair removal method from the Northern parts of Africa, Greece and the Middle East and has been around for a while.

The mixture is quite simple and can be done with the ingredients in your home. Sugar, lemon juice and hot water is all you need to create a golden, syrupy textured gel. This can be applied with a spoon or spatula and can remove as easy as you would any wax product.


So, why is this different and better than hot or strip wax? Well, while hot or strip wax sticks to your skin and hair in order to remove the hair, the sugar mixture only binds to your hair and not your skin making the stripping less painful when removing unwanted hair.