What are your top no-damage, chic hairstyles?

Recently, I have been questioning the safety of my hair when it comes to choosing hairstyles. While I want to look good, my hair’s health comes first. With this in mind, you want to stay away from styles that will pull your natural hair, require you to relax it or cost you an arm and a leg on only to leave your hair in a worse state than it as when you started. The hairstyles below will protect your hair, keeping it happy while you’re growing it out.

Weave wig

A weave can be a great protective style, but make sure the cornrows underneath are not too tight or small in size. Getting a weave closure or wig instead of individual weave tracks will prevent the weave from being woven into each section of hair, which increases the chances of breakage. A wig is only secured on the edges, just above the hairline, which decreases breakage.

Who does it best: Ciara

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Double dutch braid

This is my go-to style for when I want to hold my hair in place for a short amount of time and not cause too much strain. The dutch braid looks great, is painless and has a short life span which can be good as it forces you to see your hairstylist in 2-3 weeks for a treatment, wash or new hairstyle. Think of it as a stylish reminder. This hairstyle is generally cheaper than other braided styles, so it’s less of a commitment while you’re deciding on your next ‘wow’ do.

Who does it best: Janelle Monae

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Dreaded extensions

Instead of spending the six or more hours in the salon chair doing braided hairstyles, try dread extensions. These minimize the pulling on your hairline as the natural hair is first twisted underneath, and then the extension is wrapped around each twist to create a dreadlock. You can also opt for dreads that are installed as a ready-made dreaded wig (much like a weave wig). It requires less commitment, the freedom to experiment with your look and keeps your hair happy.

Who does it best: Rihanna

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Kinder to your hair than three-piece box braids, twists place less traction on your natural hair and are easier to take out as they are less likely to cause serious knots. They have the same look as box braids but with less in the end.

Who does it best: Jessica Williams

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