Braids and cornrows are go-to-easy and low-maintenance hairdos which can save you from styling your hair for months. Every once in a while it’s always good to give your natural hair a break from styling tools and products, and protect it from harsh environmental conditions. Braiding and cornrowing have been in fashion long before the Kardashian sisters tried these trends and almost broke the internet doing so, and in many African cultures braiding is traditional.

More people are rocking runway-worthy braid and cornrow styles and becoming more creative when it comes to revamping and styling them. Some braiding styles are directly inspired from the Motherland – indicating new-found pride in the African culture. Viva, Africa!

We love braids and cornrows even more when they are treated like a blank canvas and taken to another level of fab with the use of beads. Take a glance at these fierce beaded-braid and cornrow styles. You might want to start booking your salon appointment now.

1. Ethiopian Goddess

2. Alicia Keys

There’s jewels in my mind…. #currentmood #vibes #howifeel #love

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3. Nneoma

4. Keke

Rich in spirit! Happy Sunday everyone

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5. Naturally Curla

6. Guingui

7. Tofunmi Ladega

Hair done by @fix_yourcrown #braidsandbeads ✨

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8. Darlynda George

9. Kersti Pitre

Channeling the beauty from within❤❤used the @rastafribraid “my expert 24” pre separated kanekalon hair

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10. Solange Patrice is MOM

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After that, I know I’m not the only one who has serious braid envy now.

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