In the last few weeks we have seen celebs such as Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and Zoë Kravitz getting the chop (and the razor). These drastic styles are set to make major waves in the hair industry. While undercuts have been around for a while, getting rid of all your hair in exchange for something more androgynous is a brave move that makes a statement. At the same time it proves that short, or no hair is both edgy and feminine.

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KStew said that she shaved her head not only for practical reasons but also as a sort of novelty; it’s something that everyone should experience at some point in their life. Even though most people agree that she looks great, the public was still shocked, which shows that it is still considered a big deal for women to have such short hair. Katy Perry says that she wanted to do something big, like getting a tattoo, after her recent break-up with actor Orlando Bloom, but opted for a major hair make-over instead, saying that it felt good and allowed her to let off some steam. Zoë Kravitz performed her hair transformation over the space of a couple of hours and documented the process on Instagram, going from long, bleach-blonde braids to something much shorter, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Hopefully these brave celebs can pave the way to changing archaic stereotypes by proving that we don’t need much on top to be beautiful and fierce. We hope this trend won’t be short-lived (see what we did there?).

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