Gone are the days of thinking that only sailors and gangsters have tattoos. In fact these days, more and more people have at least one. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are seen as 100% respectable in the eyes of society at large. Because the world can still be a pretty conservative place. This means that sometimes a situation arises, perhaps a trip to a grandparent or a corporate job interview, that will have you wanting to hide yours.

Whether you have a tattoo you may or may not regret…


…or one that gives just a little bit TOO much away…


…here’s how you can use make-up to conceal them.

Step 1

Just like when you are about to apply make-up to your face, start off by covering the tattooed area with a decent primer. This will help the make-up to stay in place and cover the tattoo for a longer period of time. It also smooths out the skin’s surface making the concealing products much easier to apply. And easier is always better.

Step 2

If you have dark skin, you can most likely skip this step, but for the paler ladies out there, listen up. Put an orange or rust-coloured cream shadow concealer over the area. This will help to tone down the dark colours of the ink. Apply it using a concealer brush and then smudge it out and blend it the edges using your trusty fingers.

Step 3

Next up, it’s time for the translucent powder. Dust a liberal amount over the concealed area so that you set the concealer and prevent it from smudging during the course of the day or event. This not only sets it but also eliminates any of the shine and stickiness – AKA a dead giveaway – that might still be on your skin.

Step 4

At this stage you might still be able to see some of your tatt showing through so it’s time for concealer round two. This time, use a shade that matches your skin colour and trace the entire tattoo with it. Blend it carefully using a concealer brush and the tattoo should now be completely hidden. Who said makeup was only for your face?

Step 5

Now you’re all camouflaged but in order for it to stay that way, you need to add the finishing touch. Grab a make-up setting spray and spritz it lightly over the area. This will lock in the colour you blended in so that you won’t have to perform any touch-ups later on. It also adds moisture to the skin, and you can’t ever have too much of that.

Now you’re good to go! And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

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