Sometimes tears happen. And sometimes they happen at the most inappropriate times. Not all of us have the superhuman power of Kim K and are able to hold it in until we are in hiding, to save our make-up.


And while we wish that when we shed a few tears it looked something like this…


… it usually ends up looking more like this.


Not only can crying ruin your make-up but it can, in the process, make you look like a something out of a horror movie. While there is no shame in that, we also don’t always want the whole world to see the remnants of our emotional outburst on our face. Here are four post-cry touch-up tips so that they don’t have to.

1. Start Over

Sometimes it’s best to just start over, and this goes for doing your make-up after a cry as well. If you carry wipes with you (you really should), remove as much of the mess as you can. Your eyes and face can become quite red while sobbing, so cool things down by splashing your face with some water. If you only want to redo your eyes and not your entire face, fold two wipes into squares and place them over your eyes for a few minutes to allow the redness to settle.

2. Conceal It

While you are trying to hide your feelings you might also want to conceal the bags that may have developed under your eyes. Concealer is your best friend after a sobbing sesh, and can be used not just under your eyes but also to cover any blotchiness on other parts of the face. Don’t apply too much as it can then become cakey, but use just enough to make you look a tad more refreshed.

3. Lighten Up

The most telltale sign of having cried is that our eyes become very red. While eyedrops can also help to soothe them, if you don’t have any on hand, nude or white eyeliner can come to your rescue. Applying light eyeliner along your waterline can give the illusion that the whites of your eyes are also whiter and brighter. And we love a good illusion.

4.  Less is More

When reapplying make-up, try to keep it to a minimum. This is not only to prevent another landslide if the waterworks start up again, but also to make you appear fresher. Mascara, however, is a must, so try to invest in one that is waterproof so that it can withstand any downpours. Another pro tip – creating a soft smoky look using eyeshadow just underneath your eye will also help to hide any puffiness.

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