It’s 2017 and pubic hair is still a contentious issue. The fact that Amber Rose even posted a pretty-much-naked selfie  to take a stance against the pressure to be bare ‘down there’ just shows that there are still powerful feminine beauty standards at play.

Whatever your stance on pubic hair, it’s important that your bush, or lack thereof, is your decision and that it makes you feel both comfortable and fabulous.

However, more women are starting to miss their lady gardens and want to grow them back, whether it’s for aesthetic, political or seasonal reasons. So if you are one of those, here’s how you can make your pubic hair reach its full potential, and why it’s not a bad idea, either.

Stage One, or the ‘Try Not to Scratch’ Phase

If you keep your pubes short, or even shave them off, then the initial stages of growing them back is likely to be pretty itchy for at least a couple of days. This is also a period where you will be most prone to developing ingrown hairs. These can be avoided and dealt with by exfoliating the area VERY gently while the hair grows out. As for the itch, a unscented lotion should do the trick. Perseverance, people!

Stage Two, or the Nurturing Phase

After the initial awkward stage, things should be a lot easier (and a lot more comfortable, too). One thing that few people do, but is crucial if you want your pubes to be in good condition, is to keep the area moisturised as you would the rest of your body. Bear in mind that the hair and skin have different requirements which both need to be addressed, so massaging a mild, body-safe oil into the skin and hair à la Emma Watson should become a daily ritual.

Stage Three, or the Maintenance Phase

Just like the hair on our heads, our pubes are all different in colour, texture and how they choose to grow, so each person will have to develop different maintenance styles. If you are going for the big and bountiful look, then go forth and grow, but some people want their bush to be just that bit tamer. If you are one of those people, investing in an electric personal trimmer and a small pair of scissors is a good idea, as is making sure that you perform this maintenance in a well-lit room in front of a mirror to avoid painful accidents.

But what’s so great about pubic hair, anyway?

You mean other than subjecting yourself to painful lasers or having to rid yourself of stubble every few days? Well the reason that we even have pubes is that it forms a soft, fluffy protective barrier between our vaginas and the germs and bacteria that live in the big bad world as well as friction that can cause abrasions. It also houses pheromones which are responsible for sexual attractiveness, which is ironic considering that there are still sadly many people who prefer their partners to be clean-shaven. Whatever you do, or don’t do, with your pubic hair is your prerogative, but the time has definitely come to not be made to feel ashamed to have it. Viva le pubes!

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