New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest trend-setting events of the fashion and beauty calendar, and sets the tone for what’s hot – and what’s not – for the upcoming year. While last year was all about ‘80s revival – big hair, plenty of gel and neon make-up – this year, ’90s hair was major highlight. This gives us all the opportunity to dig in the back of our cupboards and rake out those old hair accessories we never thought we’d have the chance to wear again. Isn’t it great how everything comes back in eventually?

Banana clips

These were huge in the ’90s and many of us still use them, albeit just to keep our hair out of our faces when putting on a face mask. Now that banana clips are set to take off in a major way, thanks to the Alexander Wang runway show, you can safely wear them outdoors, free of judgement. And if you get judgement from people, don’t worry – they just don’t understand fashun.

banana clip, 90s hair trends, trend, haircare, beauty, runway, model, nyfw

NYFW Alexander Wang / Rex Features

banana clip, 90s hair trends, trend, model, runway, haircare, beauty

NYFW Alexander Wang / Rex Features

Stretch combs

Since gelled-back hair was all the rage last year, the stretch comb is a natural progression. Stretch combs can help those with even the most stubborn hair keep their locks slicked back, which can seriously elevate your ballet-bun game. Designer Prabal Gurung sent his models, including Bella and Gigi Hadid, down the runway rocking these ’90s hair accessories, and we are MORE than here for it.

haircare, 90s hair trends, beauty, model, bella hadid, runway, NYFW

NYFW Prabal Gurung / Rex Features

haircare, 90s hair trends, beauty, model, runway, NYFW

NYFW Prabal Gurung/Rex Features

So what’s next? Our money (and are hearts) are set on butterfly clips.

And we can only hope to rock them as well as Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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