Okay, guys – if you’re not already cleaning your nasty, bacteria-riddled make-up brushes on a regular basis, please stop what you’re doing (yes, even reading this article) and go clean them right now. Your skin, and the beauty gods, will thank you for it.

Seriously though; you can use Dawn dish soap,  baby shampoo or any gentle cleanser. But of all things I’ve ever cleaned my brushes with, it’s never crossed my mind to try … body wash.

Yes, body wash, which is apparently the cleanser of choice for Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic. He posted a video on Instagram recently talking about his favourite face and body wash, Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple, which he’s been using since he worked at Sephora 18 (!) years ago.

Not only does it remove eye make-up without making his face feel dry, he says, but it also doubles as a brush cleanser: ‘Another reason I really love it is that it does a really good job at cleaning the make-up brushes, too. So, I do use it to clean my make-up brushes every now and then.’

And honestly, it makes sense why Mario loves the cleanser: not only does it dissolve grease and dirt, it’s also formulated with a mix of lightweight oils, which work to condition your brush bristles (or, realistically, your skin) to keep them from drying out.

Genius hack, or maybe just common sense? Either way, I shall be copying him immediately.

Via Marie Claire US