I love a good middle path. I spent my emo years trying to embrace the side path but the lack of balance made my long face look even longer. It wasn’t flattering, and I am never going back. While the Oscars last night saw plenty of intricate updos and even some snazzy adornments, I was happy to see that it’s not just me who is embracing the middle path. Here are six of my kindred hair spirits strutting their stuff on the red carpet and making me proud.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jen spent a lot of time with her wine glass last night but, tipsy or not, her hair was on point and got everyone talking. Most were in awe of her bouncing curls; I was just fixated on that perfect division of her tresses.

Jennifer Lawrence, beauty, hair, middle path, celebrity, red carpet, oscars, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence / Rex Features

Saoirse Ronan

She might have a tongue twisting name, but she doesn’t get twisted when it comes to style. Not only was young Saoirse making a strong case for the middle path and the blunt bob, but also for regrowth. I suddenly feel less alone in the world.

Saoirse Ronan, red carpet, celeb, celebrity, hair, middle path, beauty, oscars, 2018

Saoirse Ronan / Rex Features

Viola Davis

You may not have noticed it, because the world was looking at her fabulous curls, but Viola also parted her hair in the middle, which added some serious drama to her effervescent look. Très chic.

Viola Davis, celeb, celebrity, red carpet, oscars, 2018, beauty, hair, middle path

Viola Davis / Rex Features

Nicole Kidman

Her head might be looking a bit strange these days – can’t put my finger on it – but Nicole nevertheless managed to epitomise Hollywood glamour on the red carpet last night. And the middle path definitely helped.

Nicole Kidman, celeb, celebrity, red carpet, oscars, 2018, hair, beauty, middle path

Nicole Kidman / Rex Features

Gina Rodriguez

She almost took a backstage tumble in her gown last night, which would have been catastrophic because she would have messed up her perfectly-executed hairdo. Not a hair was out of place. Perfection!

Gina Rodriguez, hair, beauty, red carpet, oscars, middle path, 2018

Gina Rodriguez / Rex Features

Sandra Bullock

As one of the presenters at the 2018 Oscars, it was important for Sandra to look her best. We think she managed to pull it off. Her blingy dress was partly responsible, but I reckon it was her sleek locks that really stole the show.

Sandra Bullock, celeb, celebrity, red carpet, beauty, hair, oscars, 2018

Sandra Bullock / Rex Features

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