A soap-looking bar that melts into your skin and becomes a moisturiser when you warm it between your palms, a jar of jelly that foams into a gentle lather when mixed with water and becomes a shower gel… These are just a few two of the most mesmerizing beauty products available at Lush, now open at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Not only do they smell delicious (I bought their Orange Blossom fragrance balm, which is perfect to pop into your clutch for an instant perfume pick-me-up), but they’re fresh and natural handmade cosmetics that really are treats you could almost eat (You might not want to ingest the essential oils).

We love their solid products which don’t contain any preservatives and aren’t tested on animals and other innovative goodies. I can’t wait to gift friends, buy a scarf (made in India by women who are part of a sustainable empowering project) and have your purchases wrapped up beautifully in a turban-like presentation that they can wear afterwards. These cosmetics (shampoo bars, body scrubs etc) all yummy, great for your skin, good for the environment and so pretty to look at. And sniff.