In this, the age of technology, online trends are often started to try and raise awareness for a particular cause (think the ice bucket challenge for the motor-neurone disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Every now and then make-up makes an appearance too. A pop of colour or a new ‘do is a fun way to show your support and to get people to ask questions. Sure, it might not be the best you could do, but it’s better than nothing!

The most well-known awareness campaign that uses personal grooming as a way to get people talking is Movember. Every November, men can get people to sponsor them for growing a moustache which they must keep and maintain for the month, and the funds raised go towards men’s health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer. Not only is money raised but it also opens the lines of communication among the male species who are not the best when it comes to discussing these types of issues. The #nomakeup selfie campaign a few years ago was also huge and even had celebs sharing their bare faces on social media. The movement managed to raise millions over just 48 hours for cancer research in the UK.

The most recent example of a beauty trend being used to create awareness originated among the cast of the new much-watch Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The show’s stars were catapulted to instant stardom seemingly overnight with articles on them popping up pretty much on the daily. One of the news stories that has emerged is that some of the cast members, as well as the show’s executive producer, Selena Gomez, were seen wearing blue nail polish which was not just a beauty statement. They were actually wearing this colour because it is featured in the series and was worn by the main character, Hannah Baker, the day she took her life. They decided to wear the same cobalt polish to raise awareness and get people talking about depression and suicide in general, which is the crux of this hit drama. This has taken off with fans of the show, many of whom have shared their pictures on Instagram in solidarity.

I am wearing blue nail polish for Hannah Baker, but not just for the fictional Hannah Baker; for all the Hannah Bakers out there. This show has gotten people talking. I keep going on about this show but it’s because I relate to this character, I have been in her position. People are relating to this character. People who have been bullied, isolated, raped, sexually assaulted, depressed, suicidal and anxious; people who have felt alone. I am Hannah Baker and I am a surviver!! Talk to me if you ever need to, or talk to someone you can trust, I am here for you. Also kudos to my fellow Aussie Katherine Langford, you have truly started something special ❤️ ;;;; #HannahBaker #13ReasonsWhy #ThirteenReasonsWhy #Bluefor13RW #depression #suicide #anxiety #borderlinepersonality #sexualassualt #bullying #isolation @13reasonswhy @dylan_minnette @katherinelangford

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When people talk about the power of make-up, this might not be what they have in mind, but it just goes to show that almost anything, including what’s in your cosmetics bag, is capable of making waves.

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