While liquid lipstick is versatile and packs a colour punch, it can look clumsy if you don’t apply it right. Use these tips to nail the liquid lipstick look every single time.

Balm up

Every lip look has to start with a good slick of a moisturising lip balm that will form a comfy base on which your lip colour will sit. Apply the balm about five minutes before you intend to apply your colour to allow the moisture to absorb, otherwise your lips will be too slippery and the lipstick will slide off.

Slowly build up

One of the biggest mistakes people make when applying liquid lipstick is starting off with too much product. Rather apply bit by bit and slowly build up the colour intensity. You’ll create a much smoother finish.

Line then fill

Make sure your lip is lined to create a precise shape. Liquid lipsticks look best with a defined edge, so use the tip of the applicator to outline your lip shape. Proceed to fill in the rest of the mouth.

Always apply on a closed mouth

Sounds a little strange, but this is the secret to avoiding lipstick on your teeth. Yes, the index finger inserted into the mouth can be your backup plan but closing your mouth while applying lipstick ensures that all the product stays on the outer part of the lips, avoiding the moist inner part where it can transfer to your teeth and gums.

Don’t rub your lips together

Once you’re happy with your lip colour and shape, do not rub your lips together as you would with normal lipstick. Rather let the liquid lipstick dry completely to prevent the colour cracking or flaking.