Many of us aren’t morning people. Having to wake up early combined with the thought of having to spend all day at work can lead to a less-than-enthusiastic start to the day. Many of us are pressed for time when we eventually stop hitting the snooze button and venture out from under the covers to start getting ready. Dutifully applying our make-up is just one of the tasks that makes up our morning routine. But why do we bother? A lot of people enjoy putting their face on each morning because it makes them feel good. Many women refer to it as their war paint – something that helps them to go out and slay with confidence. But just as many couldn’t be bothered but still succumb to the pressure to look ‘respectable’ at work. But does ‘respectable’ really require a full face of cosmetics?

Make-up shaming is a thing, and it is all too prevalent in the business world, especially in jobs where one deals with clients and the public. While it is perhaps understandable in certain fields, such as make-up artistry (being a living example of your capabilities is a plus), in other fields it should not be acceptable to place expectations on staff as to how they choose to present themselves to the world. It is their work that should be speaking for them and earning them credit.

This is 2017, not 1950.

But even if women have the choice to wear make-up to work or not, the fact doesn’t change that people still respond to a perception of beauty. What needs to change is our collective attitude on what beauty really is and to redefine it as something that occurs naturally and not only after mascara and lipstick are applied. How we, as women, can go about that is to check ourselves when we feel that we might be make-up shaming someone, and remembering that wearing it is a personal choice and not something that should be expected of us or dictated to us.

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For those who take great pleasure in the application of their cosmetics – keep doing it (with all the new and exciting beauty products constantly being released, we don’t blame you). But only if you feel like it, not because you feel pressured into doing so.

Perhaps now, with the #nomakeup movement in full swing, we will all realise that one doesn’t need to hide behind layers of foundation or false lashes; natural is just as fierce and naked faces should be embraced and admired the same way that contoured, strobed and rouged ones are.

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