This weekend was the much-anticipated royal wedding and, as we suspected, Meghan Markle looked positively regal on her big day. While many debate the cultural relevance of royal weddings, they nevertheless have an impact, particularly in the fashion and beauty worlds. In the 1980s, many women modelled themselves on Princess Diana, from her shoulder pads to her short, feathery hairdo. 30 years later, when her son married Kate Middleton, Kate became an instant trendsetter with her elegant style and always-perfect locks. The baton has now been handed over to Meghan (aka the Duchess of Sussex). Here’s how she is likely to influence the beauty scene – because she’s powerful like that.

1. Keeping it natural

The first word that comes to mind when describing Meghan’s wedding make-up is ‘natural’. This goes for her everyday beauty look too. She has always instructed make-up artists to go easy on the foundation and to let her freckles show, so she still looks like herself. This means that those wanting to emulate her style will steer clear of the caked-on, matte look accompanied by heavy contouring, and instead go for something fresh, dewy and closer to what nature intended (and it’s about time, too).

2. Messy hair, don’t care

One of the biggest talking points when it came to Meghan’s bridal beauty look was her hair. People were divided on whether she would wear it up or down, and it seems that she surprised many with her messy-but-elegant updo. While Kate Middleton never has a hair out of place, Meghan has a more laid-back approach to life and style, which is evident from her casual buns. This shows that you don’t have to be 100% polished to look like royalty (and that more and more brides over the next few years are going to be choosing up over down).

3. Less is more

Foundation isn’t the only cosmetic that Meghan uses sparingly. Her manicure will from here on out be natural shades (Queen’s orders) and her make-up colours will be comprised of nudes and soft pinks. This means that these hues are probably going to increase in popularity where lipstick and blush is concerned, and they’ll be paired with subtle smoky eyes, bold brows and soft, wavy hair. We’re calling it.

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