Over the last few months we’ve seen some pretty strange nail trends making their way on to our Instagram feeds. Some ‘highlights’ included molar nails…

Teeth nails- YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial Video by @edo_movs

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… and, more recently, cow udder nails also did the rounds (what the actual?).

While these are undoubtedly creative, they aren’t exactly functional, nor are they particularly attractive. But don’t fret, because the latest trend on the horizon is more about the chic factor than shock factor. It’s nail jewellery.

Fancy fingers

When it comes to nail art and trendy manicures, South Korea is aways at the forefront. Entrepreneur Eun Kyung Park, who has made a name for herself worldwide, saw an opportunity to change the nail game and ran with it, and so her business Unistella Jewelry was born. While her signature style is on the minimal end of the colour spectrum, she finishes off her manicures by attaching jewellery to the nails. And the result? Understated perfection.


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And what do you do when you come up with something original that people love? You launch a whole line of it, that’s what! Her first collection has been blowing the minds of her fans and followers, and we have no doubt that very soon big brands will be following suit. This totally solves the problem of not having enough hand space for your jewels. We’ll just wait here for them to arrive on SA shores.

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