NARCISO Eau de Parfum has entered a new chapter, with a seductive elevation of the original NARCISO Eau de Parfum fragrance. NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge creates an instant presence with its sensual scent and infinite powers of femininity. Here’s why we love this new scent.

1 It’s a fresh take on a fragrance we already love

If, like us, you already enjoy NARCISO Eau de Parfum fragrances, it’s highly likely that you’ll love the new NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge too. Like all the other fragrances in the NARCISO Eau de Parfum range, NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge makes use of Rodriguez’s favourite note, musk. But this time it has nothing to do with being coy or bashful. NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge is all about embodying a sense of self-assurance and mastering the art of temptation. The scent smells like the anticipatory feeling that hangs in the air just after you’ve delivered a cheeky smile. A floral bouquet of Bulgarian rose and iris coupled with vivid amber woody notes allow this fragrance to really come to life, while notes of tonka, vetiver, and black and white cedar add a racy sense of urgency. The result is a scent that’s both timeless and transcendent.

2 Light up the room

As with most truly amazing fragrances, wearing NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge means you’re able to say a lot without having to say a thing. Apply it to your pulse points and get everybody else’s hearts racing. This is the fragrance equivalent of a bright, red lip, it stands out and makes people want to pay attention and leaves them feeling captivated by its vibrant warmth and rare allure. It’s the kind of fragrance that does the hard work for you whenever you enter a room.

3 NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge was made for you

NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge is presented in a signature bottle, enriched with a singular red colouration. Its simple design meets bold colour to really echo the radiant beauty this fragrance inspires. With this fragrance, you’re given access to a bottled version of seduction and mystery. NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge is both vulnerable and strong, graceful and full of passion, and properly provocative. 


NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge is available in a 30ml, 50ml and 90ml bottle.

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*This post is brought to you by NARCISO Eau de Parfum.