Beauty fads come and go, and having a surgical intervention is risky precisely because trends do change. Just a few months ago people were getting fake freckles tattooed on their faces, and now a new lip trend is gaining momentum in the Southeast Asian country of Thailand. It’s a *bit* more invasive and a lot more scary. Introducing krachap lips!

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This trend got its name from the water chestnut – which is known as a krachap – because of the flying bat shape of the nut itself. The procedure, which was first performed around five years ago, has become popular among Thai women as the bow-like upper lip is considered to be a beautiful, desirable shape. The fact that popular local actress Patcharapa “Aum” Chaichua has this lip shape has no doubt helped to popularise this trend.

Many cosmetic surgeons in Thailand are worried about krachap, claiming that lip reduction isn’t right for everybody. They blame the internet for krachap lips becoming as popular as they have. To create the signature shape, skin on the left and right sides of the upper lip is removed, leaving a protruding section in the middle. There are plenty of documented botched procedures, where the upper and lower lips are no longer able to touch to close the mouth or that the upper lip disappears completely when the mouth is closed. Surgeons have tried to discourage patients not to go through with the procedure by drastically increasing the prices but this has not managed to deter the determined.

สาว ผิวสี กำลังมา งานเก็บทรง คงความหนา อิ่มๆ ปรึกษา สอบถามข้อมูล จองคิว สอบถามคิว ติดต่อคุณโบ้หยี(เลขาคุณหมอเปิ้ล) More information please contract Link : Line :@mor.ple_surgery Tel☎️ : 084-0599990 Whats app : +66840599990 #drapplethailand #bof789thailand #bofthailand #celllinebydrapple #lipsurgery #lipreduction #ปากกระจับ #หมอเปิ้ล #nosesurgery #nosesurgerythailand #ปากกระจับเทพๆ #surgerythai #surgerythailand #ตัดปีกจมูก

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Trends like krachap lips are dangerous because once tissue has been removed from the lip area it is difficult to reconstruct. People are undergoing this surgery whether they are suitable candidates or not and so some are being left with thin lips, crooked smiles and painful scar tissue. Apparently risking your smile for a potentially short-lived trend is worth it? Ouch!

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