As a natural afro-haired girl, I love to explore with dye and bleach, as my natural hair colour is a bit dull. Currently, I’m crushing on pink afro hair. Women with natural hair usually cringe at the thought of colouring or bleaching their hair, so it makes sense for you to have a few questions. Before colouring your hair, there are several things you should consider to ensure that you don’t severely damage your hair.

I recently did a story on why pink hair is the hottest trend right now, so let’s look at some pink hair colour tips for natural-haired girls:



Four things to consider before you start

1. You have to strip the colour of your hair before you dye it pink (sorry, but you can’t run away from bleach).

2. Bleach (a mix of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide) removes the colour of your hair to lighten it, and ultimately damages the hair follicle. It will damage your afro/curl pattern.

3. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may need more dye to get the pink you want.

4. The overall maintenance of bleached and dyed natural hair is HARD WORK, but definitely possible.

My secret to keeping my hair looking healthy (and not dry, as we all know dryness is a big issue for natural hair) is using the right products, ensuring that my hair is always fed, nourished and moisturised. If you use good products on your hair, you have nothing to fear. Make use of protective hairstyles in between to restore your hair and be time sensitive with when you bleach [it all depends on the condition of your hair after the bleaching process]. Last, but definitely not least, remember that you only live once!

My top five pink natural hair picks on Pinterest to get you inspired:

Pink Fro


Pink curls


Pink for


Pink natural hair


pink buzzcut


Happy pink hair dyeing, natural queens!

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