Our hands are always exposed to the elements and constantly assisting us in carrying out daily activities. Sun exposure or photo-ageing can cause dark spots, enlarged veins and loss of collagen in the hands giving them that bony or veiny look.

Laser Rejuvenation is a quick treatment to consider when wanting to breathe new life into ageing hands. With laser rejuvenation, the deeper layers of the skin are stimulated using specialised laser or light-based therapies. This triggers heat in the deeper layers causing needed micro injuries as well as tightening of the collagen fibres present in the skin. The skin of the hands is gradually lifted and collagen production stimulated with future treatments.

Cost: From R375 per treatment, depending on laser system selected and area size

Two other treatments that combat uneven skin tone and discolouration caused by sun damage are Chemical Resurfacing or Laser Resurfacing. A series of chemical peels are used to increase the skin cell turnover and improve the skin’s tone and texture by removing the upper layers of the skin.  By doing this, the healthier, plump skin is revealed and the skin’s natural ability to repair itself is sped up.

Cost: From R775 per treatment

Tips for younger looking hands:

  1. Always use a hand cream with a sunscreen quality to keep hands moisturised and prevent photo-ageing.
  2. Nails play a role, too. Keep nails manicured and neat for a more youthful look.
  3. Wear gloves, wherever possible, to protect your hands from the elements and ‘wear and tear’.

 We recommend:

hands 1

Comfort Zone Skin Defender Triple Protection Hand Cream , 75ml – R355

hands 2

Filorga Hand Filler Anti-Ageing Mask for Hands and Nails – R550

hands 3

Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Hand Cream, 50ml – R814