The mini-fringe is making a comeback. Here’s what you need to know about baby bangs.

Short and sweet

The blunt, short mini-fringe was popular in the 1920s and then made a resurgence with the rockabilly fans of the 1950s.

Look familiar?

This look has been around since then, lurking on the heads of people in the alternative scene for years. But now it’s going mainstream and has been spotted on the foreheads of a number of celebs and sashaying down multiple catwalks.

And the rich and famous aren’t the only people who is rocking this playful look. Social media pulls up thousands of results of people who are clearly very a la mode and all sporting various levels of shortness.

Unlike the stock-standard petal shape of the 50s, the mini fringe of today offers a lot more variety. Some people, like SA’s own Yolandi Visser, like their bangs to be as close to their hairline as possible.

Others like it straight, blunt and stopping more or less halfway down their forehead.

And then there are those who like a more choppy finish.

The one thing they all have in common? Looking completely badass.

While this hairstyle can suit most face shapes, having a fringe is high-maintenance, and you need to be willing to commit to daily styling in order to keep it looking fresh. Other than dedication and patience, you’ll also need the right attitude to be able to pull off this look. But if you love being on trend and the centre of attention, we may have found your next favourite haircut. You can thank us when all the likes start rolling in on the ‘Gram.

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