Whether you frequent a top-notch salon or dye your hair at home, the upkeep that goes along with colouring your hair can be both time consuming and costly. Over the last few years we have seen hair-colour trends slowly starting to embrace our roots. Ombre and balayage are the most popular but now, thanks to international trendsetters, harsh, exposed roots are having a moment. We are cancelling our next hair appointment, stat!

Celebs who are embracing the more drastic take on this trend include Coco Rocha and Miley Cyrus, who has recently undergone something of a transformation and is, as such, back in our good books. When asked about her two-tone hair, Miley said that she likes both brown and blonde and couldn’t decide between them, hence she has been sporting both at the same time.

Let’s keep #Malibu movin up the charts 🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙 Sendin loooovingg positive vibes!

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@siriusxmhits1 thank you for havin me perform at da Fish Bowl!!!

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All dressed up in @ZacPosen for the @harpersbazaarus 150th anniversary party tonight!! #BAZAAR150

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🏝 😎

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For those who feel that this look is just a bit too ‘out there’, hair colourists have come up with a way to allow for more time between salon visits, letting clients embrace their roots in a less dramatic way. Their version of rooting is applying a gloss or toner over the roots after all the highlights have been done and this tones down the darkness of your roots, allowing your hair to grow out without that tell-tale line that is a dead giveaway of where the dye or bleach ends and your natural hair colour starts.


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The rooting trend, whether it’s the bold just-let-it-grow-out or the more subtle gloss or toner variety, is definitely a hair-industry game changer and we’ve never been this excited to NOT be going to the hair salon anytime soon.

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