The countdown to the Royal Wedding has begun and everyone is speculating about how the big event will turn out. From our cover star Meghan Markle’s dress to who will be in attendance, people are making all sorts of predictions in the run-up to the big day. Here’s how we think the bridal make-up and hair will look on 19 May.

The Make-up

Being an actress, Meghan is used to having people doing her make-up and hair for her, so it is unlikely she’ll go the Kate Middleton route and DIY it for her wedding. Plenty of make-up artists have expressed an interest in doing her wedding make-up, including Kim Kardashian-West’s cosmetic guru, but people in the know suspect she will go with someone she knows and trusts, like her former screen make-up artist, Lydia Sellers.

As for the the make-up look, natural and dewy is the most likely. Meghan likes to keep things fresh and understated, and is all about natural beauty. She will most likely opt for sheer foundation because she loves her freckles as much as the rest of the world does. People who are familiar with her style say that she doesn’t want to wear so much product that she doesn’t look like herself. The only way she might deviate from her usual look is to opt for more traditionally ‘bridal’ colours, like soft pinks for her lips and eyes.

With regard to brands, there is speculation that she may use Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. This is not only because it’s what Kate Middleton and her bridal party used but also because Meghan did a video tutorial for the brand back in 2016.

The Hair

Meghan has enviable hair. But, like most of us, we’re pretty sure she doesn’t wake up with it looking like this. While she might possess the magic ability to make a messy bun look chic, we doubt that will be her hairstyle of choice on Saturday. Instead, we think she will wear her hair with some up and some down, much like Kate Middleton did, so that she can show off her locks and her tiara simultaneously.

While we don’t know exactly how Meghan Markle will look when she makes her entrance for the Royal Wedding, one thing is for sure – we can’t wait for Saturday 19 May.

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