If ‘rubber masks’ conjures up something like this in your mind…


You’re forgiven. This treatment actually originated in spas, and has now made its way into mainstream K-Beauty. And because we love Korean beauty goodies, we managed to get our hands on some, courtesy of @k_beauty.africa. Rubber masks are applied to the face in a paste, left to set and then peeled off to reveal more gorgeous skin underneath (in other words, something we ALL want).

It should be noted that the instructions on how to use the mask are all in Korean. It was to be expected. But a quick search on YouTube yielded some helpful info on how to use them.

We had the masks and two willing volunteers: our very own beauty editors Ncumisa and Aphiwe. Here’s how it went down.

Ncumisa – Lindsay Pearl Modeling Rubber Mask

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This rubber mask promises more radiant skin after application (not that Ncumisa needs it). She mixed the powder with water to form a paste, which she then slathered on to her face. To pass time while it dried, she took a few selfies and then, after 10 minutes, she peeled it off. She said the process was easy and that her skin definitely felt softer after use. It’s a thumbs up!


Aphiwe – Lindsay Vitamin Modeling Rubber Mask

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Aphiwe knows that vitamins, especially vitamin C, are essential for glowing skin, which is why she opted for the vitamin-infused mask. She had a few issues with the mixing, but that didn’t hold her back. Things may have been a bit messy, but you have to get a bit dirty to come clean. And the fact that her face was positively glowing afterwards says it all.


We expect that these masks are going to take off in a big way very soon. Just watch this space and get ready for rubber!

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