But fine, I’ll admit it. I was dying for a coffee by lunchtime, had a splitting headache at 3 pm., and was fast asleep by 9 p.m.

Day 2

I had purchased a 32-ounce bucket of Brodo’s Hearth Broth” (a mixture of turkey, beef, and chicken) that was supposed to last me the rest of the week, but I accidentally microwaved the whole thing and then drank it in one sitting for breakfast. My boyfriend called the whole situation disgusting,” but I loved it! …For the first hour.

Not long polishing off after my liquid breakfast, my head started pounding. Was it a caffeine withdrawal or was my body just rejecting the sheer volume of bone broth I had consumed? Who knows. The headache lasted all day and made it nearly impossible to get any work done. Once again, I was asleep (and cranky AF) by 9 p.m.

Day 6

I started the day with Brodo’s “Sipping Beauty,” a combination of chicken broth, lemon, and parsley—Brodo’s version of a classic hot tea. That night, a friend commented that my skin was literally glowing,” before asking if I was pregnant. I hadn’t changed anything in my skincare routine and I was most definitely *not* pregnant (thanks, Mirena!), so we both realized it had to be the bone broth. Sweet!

Kilgour explains: “Your body is getting a huge dose of minerals with every cup you drink. Your skin will glow when you’re eating really well.” Which = worth it, but so hard.

Day 7

After seven days of brothing, I grew to genuinely love the way the drink made my body feel—full, warm, and healthy, all day long. My skin looked #flawless and my digestive system was operating in peak form (I’ll spare you the details).

But like any good addict, I still missed coffee. A lot. Like, more than I missed my college boyfriend during semester abroad, which I didn’t even think was humanly possible.

Thankfully, in the battle between coffee and bone broth, there doesn’t have to be one winner. In the long term, I’m not worried about people who are healthy and have a cup of coffee a day,” says Kilgour. “Coffee can be a part of your life, as long as it’s working for you.” Phew.

“Still,” Kilgour adds, “I’d recommend incorporating bone broth into your diet. Maybe not every single day, but if you can drink it a couple days each month, you’ll get a healthy dose of nutrients.”

So the moral of the story is I’m trying to rely less on coffee and more on bone broth—within reason. The one downside? The $11-a-day broth habit is doing major damage to my wallet, which means that if I’m serious about it, I’m going to need to—gulp—brave the chicken feet recipe.

Via Marie Claire US