Whether it be staring at a computer screen at work, capturing the perfect selfie at brunch or scrolling through multiple newsfeeds at night, we are becoming more interactive with our devices every day, and our skin could be paying the price. The MC beauty team discusses the new ‘tech face’ term and ways to protect your skin from the implications of modern day life.

  1. Selfies

Taking the perfect selfie could be damaging your skin and speeding up the ageing process. The screens on our devices all emit a blue light also known as high-energy visible light (HEV). These HEV rays travel on a similar wavelength to UV rays which has raised concern that they may share some of the same damaging effects such as pigmentation, dark spots and increasing the break down of skin-plumping collagen. Experts advise that you avoid HEV exposure as much as possible as well as invest in products that act as physical ray blockers.


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2. Tech neck

‘Tech neck’ is the sagging of the skin around the neck and jaw which leads to a double chin. Studies suggest that this is the result of constantly looking down. To eliminate the appearance of a double chin or sagging skin opt for firming and toning face creams with collagen-building ingredients such as retinol. The neck can often be neglected when applying product so make sure to moisturise it using gentle upward strokes.


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3. Phone face

This refers to the acne breakouts on the side of your face that your phone most often comes into contact with. Your phone is full of bacteria due to constant contact with your handbag, pockets and public tables. And then it’s placed against your face over and over again. If you are experiencing breakouts make sure to follow a strict cleansing routine and purchase anti-bacterial wipes to keep your phone as sanitised as possible.


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4. Sleep deprivation

Many of us are guilty of checking our social media feeds right before we go to bed. This is harmful because the HEV rays can affect the way our body produces melatonin which is the hormone responsible for controlling our circadian rhythm (our natural body clock). This results in us feeling less tired, keeping us awake longer and causing a restless night’s sleep. This can lead to puffy, irritated eyes, more visible lines and dryness. To reduce this make use of a nourishing night cream and cut back on the amount of time spent on your device at night.


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5. Squint lines (crows feet)

Whether it’s the brightness of the screen, the font that’s too small or even just a habit, staring at our screens has left most of us prone to squinting. This causes more pronounced lines and wrinkles around the eyes, aka crows feet. Get into the routine of using an eye cream to help add moisture around the eye area.


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