Every year the who’s who of Hollywood jet out to the south of France for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and every year the celebs wow us with their fabulous fashion and beauty looks. This year has been no different. Here are the celebs who turned heads on the red carpet in 2018.

1. Lupita Nyong’o

The lovely Lupita showed off a few gorgeous looks this year but this one was definitely a highlight. Her afro was styled in a way that was reminiscent of lots of bubble ponytails and her bold metallic eyeliner was minimalistic while still being dramatic.

2. Kristen Stewart

Wherever she goes, Kristen epitomises cool-girl chic. Her Cannes ensembles were no different, with her hair being one of the highlights. Her locks were kept voluminous but also boyish at the front…


… And as for the back, there aren’t many people who can make a rat’s tail look good but apparently Kristen can.

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3. Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Model and blogger Xenia was sporting one of this year’s hottest hairstyles: space buns. Her make-up may have been flawless but it was definitely her cute braided buns that stole the show at Cannes.

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4. Li Yuchun

If you were to look up ‘bare-faced beauty’ in the dictionary, Li’s picture would be next to it. Her skin is flawless and her Cannes make-up was minimal, bar a subtle winged liner. The best part of her look was her navy blue pixie cut, which is making us consider a major hair makeover.

5. Amber Heard

While her red lipstick may have been bold, the small diamantés under her eyes were even bolder – an easy way for anyone to elevate their look. Look and learn!

6. Leomie Anderson

British model and designer Leomie’s look may have been understated, but she brought some seasonal trends to the red carpet. Her wet-look slicked-back side parting was modern yet elegant, and her dramatic blue winged liner was a current take on an old classic.


7. Stella Maxwell

Stella’s make-up was pretty standard red-carpet fare, but it was her hairstyle that got people talking and photographers snapping. Her double bun with a soft, lived-in finish is officially our new favourite hairstyle.

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