You might have tried the ‘walk-in’ method of scent application: spraying perfume in the air in front of you before walking into it for a subtle head-to-toe scent. Rarely though does this ensure you remain sweetly fragranced throughout the day. So try the three-step masterclass recommended by our beauty editor instead…

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Step 1: 

Apply the perfume on moist, clean skin, while skin is supple, rather than completely dry. Choose a scent-free moisturiser if you are not planning on layering your fragrance (see Step 3).

Step 2:

Always spray fragrance before you get dressed. It’s better to spray perfume on the skin and not on clothing, as certain fabrics can get stained or damaged.

Step 3:

Layer the same scent to make it last longer. Start with the fragrance’s shower gel, then apply the body moisturiser and finish off with the perfume.

Tip: Apply scent to your pulse points – ear lobes, wrists and base of the throat.

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