When it comes to breakouts, we’re pretty quick to point the (non-pimple-popping) finger at stress and hormones as the root of all our skin woes. But this is an umbrella diagnosis, and it it isn’t always accurate; in fact, it’s causing us to ignore other, diet-focused culprits. We caught up with Samantha Menzies, a Personalised Skin Care Consultant at Face Plus Medispa in Sydney, to get the bottom of what’s causing those stubborn breakouts.

Breakouts, Menzies says are like ‘a map of your body that lead us to what’s going on internally,’ – knowing how to read the signs is the key.

As a rule of thumb, Menzies says that digestive problems are largely responsible for breakouts that occur around the chin and jawline, while those on the cheeks and nose are the body’s histamine response to inflammation and allergies.

As for the post-big night out breakout in between the eyebrows and across the forehead? That’s no coincidence either, Menzies explains, since breakouts here are linked to toxin build up. According to the expert, the best remedy for these bad boys is a solid sweat-it-out gym session and cleanse to detoxify the kidneys and the liver.

Via Harper’s Bazaar