One of the biggest talking points that surrounded Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week was the Valentino show. And not just because of the beautiful garments, but because of the big hair sported on the runway.

And this just confirms what we suspected all along – volume is in! These looks may be on another level, and it might be daunting to head outdoors (or get through doors) while wearing your locks in this fashion, but a more subdued take on it is very on trend and also surprisingly achievable. So if you are after some serious volume and height a la Kaia Gerber that will make heads turn off the runway, here’s how to do it without damaging your tresses.

Bring the bounce

Step 1 Before you get started, make sure your hair is dry, brushed out and straight. This means that curly-haired ladies should apply a liberal amount of heat protectant spray and run a straightener through their tresses. Allow your hair to cool down and chill out before the teasing commences.

Step 2 Using the bottom of a fine-toothed comb, section your hair into sections about five centimetres thick. This is for a moderate tease. If you are after some intense volume, you can make the sections smaller. If you’re wanting something more subtle, they can be made wider.

Step 3 The reason that hair becomes damaged from teasing is that people go at it a bit too enthusiastically. Starting at the back, hold a section of hair up, place your comb just above the roots and gently move the comb up and down until you notice your locks start to become more voluminous.

Step 4 Most of us aren’t blessed with bouncy hair, which often falls flat a few minutes after styling. We feel you. To prevent this from happening, once you have teased each section, use a light-weight hairspray at the roots. This will make sure it stays in place.

Step 5 Almost done! Once each section is sufficiently teased, layer them, smooth them out on top and lock into place with a light hairspray. And when you want the tease out? Use a soft-bristled brush and start at the ends working your way up towards the roots. Treat your tresses with a deep conditioner and it will be like it never happened.

While we can’t promise that you’ll look like Kaia, you are still guaranteed to look fierce.

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