When it comes to beauty treatments and techniques, anything that alludes to a ‘blade’ being used has me heading for the hills. But, after seeing amazing results, both on celebrities and averages Joes, I’m tempted to rethink my initial aversion. Bold brows have been on-trend for the last few years, and I doubt that we will ever see a return to Kate-Moss-thin eyebrows ever again. Whew.

What is microblading?

A microblading pen (made up of very tiny needles) is used to draw in individual strokes using semi-permanent pigment in the appropriate shade for your brows. The feather-like strokes mimic your natural hair, and provide a fuller, more structured brow in a shape that suits your face. The results are said to last up to three years, with the correct maintenance.

What does the process involve?

The first hour is generally spent filling in the brow and perfecting the contour to ensure it suits your face shape and features. This is then refined to your liking – the longest and most important step. A numbing cream and anesthetic is then applied, before the brow is filled in and shaped using the microblading pen. Some clients may experience a little discomfort, but there is no downtime, and the whole process takes around two hours. The result is extremely realistic. Brows will take four to six weeks to heal and a follow up session is recommended at six weeks (and usually included in the initial cost).

Celeb fans?

Bella Thorne Snapchatted herself having the procedure done and apparently Olivia Palermo is a fan too. Many celebs are said to have gone ‘under the blade’, but they’d prefer to have us think their brows are au naturel!

The cost?

Between R2 500 and R3 000 – not cheap, but only a small price to pay for perfect brows, day after day. As the pigment is semi-permanent, brows will fade over time and the procedure will need to be repeated.

Where can I get microblading in SA?